2018 LALA Festival | Experimental performance in Minneapolis

JULY 23–29, 2018. A week of boundary-pushing artists from across the US at the Red Eye Theater in Minneapolis. Experimental performance, theater, dance, film, music and visual artists come together to share their ideas, process, and work.

2018 Artists Announced!

2017 Performance Highlights

Performance and theater maker Adrienne Truscott poses with a crow in a dress made of hair.
A still from film maker Mtume Gants short film White Face.
A scene from Minneapolis dance trio and choreographers SuperGroup's The Painted Factory
THIS | Adrienne Truscott
Unapologetically feminist one-woman comedy about the female body that is as funny as it is brash.
White Face | Mtume Gant
Visually-striking satirical short film about a man who hates his Black skin and all the hardship that comes with it.
The Painted Factory | SuperGroup
This homage to iconic dance movements explores revolution, ghosts, boredom, infidelity, and guns.

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